Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Here we go! It is past time to transition Henry from the crib over to the big boy bed. Yep, we have been here before. He slept really well in his firetruck. Mommy got an awesome deal on it, and he loved it! Then, he learned a new skill. Opening doors. Once he figured that out, he wouldn't stay in bed. I gave up and put him back in the crib. He can climb out of it if he wants, but at night, he never does.

I think it may be a comfort thing. Maybe he likes the feeling of being closed in by the crib. Protected by it even. Maybe it keeps the bad things out for him. He has, in the past week, slept in the toddler bed once. I had to lay with him until he went to sleep. I won't complain about the sweet snuggles. :) Sometime through the night though, he climbed into his crib, but only after dragging his arsenal of sleep equipment and getting it in there somehow.

Sleep equipment: pillow, fringed blanket laid against left side of the body, sock monkey in the crease of the left elbow, cup in left hand, Daddy doll in crease of right elbow, and "the cowboy blanket" laying on top. The cowboy blanket is a hideous wool blanket that belonged to his Daddy. Its heavy and I assume that is what he likes about it.

I gave up and just started putting him in the crib again. I can no longer do this, as he is beginning to break it apart again. Theres probably something dangerous about him handing me a giant screw in the morning. I'm sure thats what the CPSC would say.

I will start by laying with him until he falls asleep. Gently getting him more used to it. Hopefully he will only climb to the (un)safety of his crib a few more nights. By next week I hope to have the crib completely out of his bedroom and replaced with another toddler bed. I will keep 2 in there so that he can move at night if he feels the need.

This is the most gentle way of forcing him into a bed that I can figure out in my mind.

My ultimate goal will be to get him and sister to share a room.  Baby steps, mama. Baby steps.

Night 1 (because in case you haven't noticed, I blog before bed at night and just publish the next day): It was horrible. But, we'll keep trying!!!


  1. I am learning how to blog as well. I ran into your blog on knitting pattern It is really good.

  2. Thank you Diana! I'm really trying to update more often, but it isn't easy while running around with these 3 kiddos! :P