Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MIA again

It seems that we stay busy most of the time. It's tiring, but we make it and I'm learning a lot. Were also getting ready to throw a little ABA in the mix, FINALLY!

Henry is making wonderful strides. He is counting to eleven now. He occasionally uses his words when he wants something instead of just going into a tantrum. It's such an accomplishment for us for that to happen. He now asks for "apple" when he wants juice and points to the correct PEC when he wants milk. Just today he said "cup" to tell me that his little sister had stolen his. They fight like cats and dogs, but at least there's something good coming out of those throw downs.

We also were finally able to order a pressure vest. Amazingly, I ordered it late afternoon and it was here within 3 days. I highly recommend Affordable Therapy Solutions to anyone who has children with particular needs. Nope, they aren't paying me to say that. I was just very impressed with them.

On another note, a discussion came up the other day that struck home with me. Well, not so much as discussion as a statement. Someone had mentioned that many times, warrior mamas come across as trying to recruit rather than trying to help. I totally agree with this statement, because I absolutely see it in myself. Just today I caught myself wanting to cry at the massive amounts of children that were pouring out of the immunization clinic, all crying and wiping their tears with one hand while holding cheap little choking hazards (stickers, not appropriate for a tiny baby) with the other. I don't want to push ANYONE not to vaccinate, but I want to make sure that every mother and father is educated on what can happen. When I try to say anything though, I know it comes off like I'm saying that "every child who gets a vaccination is going to have problems from it" and that's absolutely not what I mean at all. I'm not even 100% convinced if that is what happened in our family.

The only thing I'm sure of is that we went in for vaccinations and then landed in the Children's Hospital at Medical University of South Carolina because my son was having seizures and had several moments of complete unconsciousness and wasn't breathing in those moments. But you guys already know that.

The point I'm trying to make is that I think I've decided to take a step back from "warrior" mode at the moment and focus on us. Once we figure out what were doing and how we feel, then we can be a better help and advocate for others. Until then...not unless I'm asked. ;0)