Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Well, Hi there

A lot of you already know me, for those that don't, just call me mama. That would be the name that I recognize the most. I may also answer to Tiff on the rare occasion that I remember who I am. I'm using this blog for my son, Henry.

You see, Henry was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. According to the evaluators, he is considered "moderate to severe" on the spectrum. He was also diagnosed with a host of other problems, but those are issues that, in general, go back to the Autism. I had known in the back of my mind for a long time that Henry was Autistic, yet when that diagnosis was spoken aloud by a medical professional, my whole world fell apart for a few days. After wallowing in my own little tidal pool of self-pity for a few weeks, I decided that it was time for me to do something. It is time for me to be strong for my son. Time to be his voice until he finds his own. Time for me to stick up for him and every other child that needs it, so that they aren't teased anymore. Time for me to teach acceptance.

Yet, I've noticed in family members that the words "He's Autistic" are being said a lot. This is what I want, more than anything else that I've listed, to put an end to. Yes...he is Autistic, but if he could say anything right now I'm sure it would be "I'm Still Henry" . I guess it goes hand in hand with acceptance. I don't feel the need for everyone to know that he is autistic. I'm sure he LOVES being Henry because he is bright, intelligent, fun, happy, hilarious, and one of the best kids I've ever known...meltdowns and all. This is the place for people to see that Autistic children are still children. They still need love, not because you feel sorry for them, but because you truly love them. Love them like you would any other child, just know (without mention) that it may not always be generated back in the way that you would like. Sometimes I hug my son only to have him push me away, but I know that he loves me. He just shows it differently and sometimes not often at all.

I like to think that in Henry's mind he is saying "Just play with me. Just be my friend. Just love me." I want people to look PAST the Autism and see that I have one of the sweetest children matter what his diagnosis is.


  1. This is beautiful Tiff! You are an awesome mama!

  2. Love it!! I am so excited to take a peek into your journey with Henry. I really hope we can work out the details to meet up when I'm in VA!

  3. Henry is a very special little man to me - just as much now as before his diagnosis. As a grandmother he holds the special place in my heart as the two girls. No that is not true -
    he holds a more special place - not because he is Autistic - but because HE IS MY ONLY GRANDSON!

    As his grandmother - it doesn't bother me when someone says the word Autistic but the word retarded might get someone slapped! He is a very special little man - he is funny - he is so full of life and he is very smart. Not many 2 year olds can recognize their ABC's or know the next letter when you stop singing. He knows what he likes and what he doesn't like - not any different from other kids - he just reacts more strongly - and that may have just be in his genes - seems to run in the family. Anyway - YOU are a great mom - you have my respect - I don't think - no - I know I could not handle 3 kids the way you do - normal - abnormal - or otherwise!

    Love you - MOM