Friday, June 4, 2010

A "No Therapy Allowed" Day

Henry spends so much time in therapy that yesterday I decided that we would do none. He would get to have a day to just be a kid. No Mommy standing there trying to get him to say words, no using his toys for motivation to do something, just playing. He didn't have to ask to get up into his highchair, I just put him there when he wanted. He didn't have to say "up" to be held, I just held him. He didn't have to say "drink" when he wanted his cup, he just got it. It was a completely therapy-free day.

As far as therapy goes, I would say that, by far, his favorite motivator is bubbles. He loves them. They calm him down, yet at the same time, we can use them to get a few words out of him. Mostly "bubbles", "more", and the occasional "please".

But not yesterday. We filled up the bubble blower, turned it on, and went to town! Henry loved every minute of it! All in all I would say that it was probably one of the happiest hours that he has had in a while. His smile was almost as big as his happy squeals........That's enough to melt this Mama's heart.

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  1. Love this Tiffany! Good for you!!! You are an amazing mama, and Henry is an amazing little man. We're so excited to meet you!