Saturday, March 26, 2011

So this is where we are

I haven't updated in ages. We stay pretty busy these days. Henry is now receiving ABA therapy with a wonderful tudor 5 days a week for around 3 hours a day. We are still doing the occupational therapy, but have knocked it down to 1 hour once a week and the CBRS (play therapy for cognitive and social-emotional issues) is now at every other week for 1 hour. By the time the weekend rolls around, all of us are exhausted.

Its all helping though. Mostly the ABA, in my opinion, but I'm not ready to drop the others just yet. Henry is saying a ton of words now with prompting and quite a few with no prompting at all. He identifies many objects now and he is requesting drink ("apple juice", everything is apple juice) and food (by saying "eat"). He also asks for cookies fairly often. :)

Just this week we wrapped up the assessment for the NC pre-k exceptional children's program. He was accepted into the program and will start this coming up August. I could have had him start on his birthday, but there is only a week of school left at that point so I don't see the need to start then. The IEP is made. He will receive a 1 on 1 assistant until he adjusts to the classroom because, as you can imagine, he was very overstimulated during the time that he spent in the classroom the other day. They will provide his occupational therapy there at the school so at that time, we will no longer be doing it here at home. I hope to continue ABA after school. If it is all too much, I will then make a decision as to what his helping him along more.

I feel that him going to preschool will help our entire family out. It will provide mama with a break during the day. Henry will be able to learn to enjoy time with others or just people watch, as he loves to do. He will get time to play outdoors on playground equipment. This is something that I haven't been able to do because I can't figure out how to keep up with 2 toddlers on a playground. They both run in opposite directions and they both climb the highest thing they can find! I will be able to spend a little more 1 on 1 time with Avaleigh. I'm sure by now she thinks that therapists are just a part of everyday life. My guess is that her little world might be thrown for a loop when there aren't people showing up all day to work with "them". Yes, she thinks everyone is here to see her! I feel a little guilty because I had plenty of time for just Abigayle and myself, and this will give me plenty of time for just Avaleigh and myself, but I'm not sure how I'm going to work in time for just Henry and I. I'm sure I will work something out though.

We also just started a new metabolic supplement, but not much to report on that so far since I just began giving it to Henry today. I guess we will know soon whether we were ripped off or not, but there's no harm in giving it a try. I'm not trying to cure my boy by any means. I'm hoping that this will make him have better days without so much anger and frustration. I will report later how that is working out for us.

For now, this is all I've got! One day I'll find that balance between blogging and real life, but until then, sporadic posting is enough for me.

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